Advice and direction for those just discovering their caregiving personality or draw to parent another adult.
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Hey, I am completly new to all of this. In short my boyfriend somehow found into this scene and was actually already planning on packing his stuff and leaving but I am pretty much okay with being a CG. It will be a bit akward in the beginning, I guess, but I have a lot of knowladge looking after kids... with three siblings, two of them really clingy towards me.
I am reading, watching vids and try to understand as much as I can about this topic and started LOVING the idea of having a little one but I am also a bit scared/nervous because I have never done it before. So... any advise?
Also we had the talk only two days ago and he has never slipped into his littlespace in front of me (He says he did it when he was on his own a few times)
I don't have advice but I am in pretty much the same boat. I've known about a week and a half. So far we are easing into it. One thing I do know from my own experience is most of the people in this community have been shamed most of their lives. What I have been doing is just doing best to read her moods so I know when "little" activity would be welcomed. And I just do things I think a child would like...I dress her sometimes, get out the coloring books. That's really it so far. I'm not scared of the platonic part but I am for when things get sexual. It doesn't bother me but I am such an awkward person lol. Anyway if you ever want to talk, I could also use friends both new and experienced. :D
Right now I am not even sure he is a little... how do I explain...
He is a guy whom always though that he was the greatest. His brain so much higher evolved then anyone elses. The world solely surviving on his brain ^^° He really said that. Somewhat about the brain producing some stuff keeping trees alive and he's thinking so much that all trees will die with him. It kinda got him out of concept as I reminded him that trees existed before him.
He wants to safe the world and thinks he's some kind of god whom is stuck on the earth.
Right now he's really trying to get into little space but it is mostly just... well kinda annoying. I don't mind carring for a kid but if a grown man wakes me up in the middle of the night because he thinks that's what a child would do right now, I am annoyed ^^° Is that a bad thing?
He suckling his Paci, cuddling with stuffies. We had a movie day yesterday and he seemed more growup than the whole last week...
He says the first time he had it was on LSD and he said he was a baby and couldn't talk and cops came and he got worried that they would find drugs on him and shoot him since they couldn't communicate... Does this sound like a baby? I don't know and I am worried that he is trying to be something he's not and then he'll be disapointed...
This sounds like this person is going through a lengthy but severe mental health crisis. What you’ve describe isn’t what being a Little is, but definitely has strong ties to serious mental disorders.

This person needs to seek a licensed therapist to work with privately first and foremost.

In terms of waking you up because they believe they’re acting more genuinely Little or become bored and want your attention, please do not feel you need to accept this. This is a form of abuse in a way. They are not a child and do know this behavior is selfish and disrespectful. Personally, I would ask them to stop waking me for their amusement to act out a scene like that and allow me to rest so that the attention, care, and love I choose to extend isn’t being forced at times I don’t want to extend it. It’s one thing if he’s sick that night but it’s another he does it just to feel like he’s playing a character properly.

Ultimately though, he needs therapy. It’ll help with so much, including healthy sleeping patterns, boundaries, and self-assurance.
yeah, that is pretty much what I figured... at least kinda ^^° It is difficult to talk him into any kind of therapy because (obviously) he's far greater than any therapist could ever be... But we have talked about all this being little and stuff and I think we agreed on him not being a little but having some childish features, which I don't mind. Like liking pacis and bubblebaths and tickling, after all I like those things too :D
He's an okay guy with a bit... well broken look at the world. His Mother (he only calls her Mother) whom allways sees sh*t in him, forgot his birthday last year and also said he was the reason she had to go to the psichatry and his father whom never speaks up to his mother... His brother whom doesn't want him and on top of that he was raised by his grandma for the first year of his life. So it does have potential for being a little, or am I wrong?
But yeah, he's also talking a lot of bullsh*t.
Thanks for the answeres ^^

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