Discuss regression caregiving, related relationship dynamics, and have open group conversation about being a caregiver. Share experienced advice and exchange ideas to help one another grow in knowledge.
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I was born with a rare form of dwarfism that was treatable when I was fourteen years old and ever since then I still have little space regressions that debilitate my body movements to the point where I sometimes get stuck In my little space regression for days and weeks at a time to the point where I sometimes get scared that I won't come out of it and be able to care for myself In the normal sense of my single life in a apartment and It scares me to be in that situation and not be able move or take care of myself Also as a result of this situation I am concerned that by the time someone can help me out of the infant little space I could be seriously injured and or suffer from permanent problems that could affect not only my mental health but my life in danger of
Not being able to to care myself to the point where I can be independent living in my apartment I also in these circumstances have issues with incontinence both bladder and bowl and have to ware Diapers to function in my apartment but sometimes my infant little space causes me to lose all muscle control for days and weeks at a time because when my body was subjected to the growth hormone therapy I received my body didn't fully adjust to the sudden change in my development and The infant body I was treated with the hormone therapy
Comes back with a vengeance and debilitates my body and muscle control to the point where I can't function with out having caregiver to help me out when I lose control of my body and this situation scares me to the point where I need a mommy caregiver type with breastfeeding and emotional support to help me out of my infant little space safely as to not cause me to have permanent injury and or suffer from permanent problems to the point where I am hospitalized or worse
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