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By Corbinshu
Hey, I am fairly new to being a CG/Daddy and my partner has taught me a bunch about being a CG. I love them very much but I get very jealous when they are in little space with another CG. I was wondering if this is wrong that their is no need for me to be jealous. I don't think I would normally get jealous but they've told me they are more comfortable with the other CG than with me since I'm new and still learning. I know I need to give them time to become more comfy with me. But is it bad that I don't want them to have any other CG's?
If you’re not truly comfortable being in a polyamorous relationship then you don’t have to be in one. Establishing a monogamous relationship is very acceptable.

I would not be comfortable at all with my partner being cared for by other Caregivers. I don’t want them being loved on by someone else like that. I feel I should be special, valuable, and prioritized by them because that’s how I treat them and our relationship together.

Caregiving is an expression of romantic love. Your partner does not need to be loved by anyone and everyone like that. Unfortunately, the community has heavily promoted polyamory online, making inaccurate claims that Caregiving can be platonic with no depth of emotional attachment and that Littles should always have an available Caregiver. This type of online roleplay only exists online and is nonfunctional in reality though. And it isn’t that polyamory is wrong or bad—because it isn’t either—but it absolutely isn’t for everyone and isn’t necessary just because one person feels like a big kid.

You’ll need to talk with your partner about this but it may just be time to break up and find a person who is seeking monogamy.
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