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Me and my partner are both switches, however, I'm mommy very rarely. They would like it if I were mommy more often but I find it hard to get into that headspace. I would love to do this for them because I understand it's easier to be little when your cg is around. Does anyone have any tips for getting into mommyspace more?
I think it’s important to realize and acknowledge that you’re not actually a Mommy. Switches don’t exist in this way, these aren’t BDSM scenes we’re acting out and choosing which role we’re comfortable performing when we discuss who a Little is and who a Mommy is. You’re just a Little that likes to “play house” or roleplay as a Mommy sometimes. Being a Mommy is not who you are though. You don’t “switch” to a different thought process or “headspace” or completely different personality, you just mimic parenthood just like you’ve seen but your regressive feelings and thought patterns are still there and you still express who you are as a Little, not as a Caregiver. A child can mimic their parent too but that doesn’t mean they’re not a child for that time.

Start there.

You can’t force yourself to become someone that you’re not. You and your partner both need to accept that it’s only temporary roleplay when you’re acting as “Mommy” and that you don’t often like to play that game. There isn’t anything wrong with that but pressuring yourself to do it more often isn’t going to work as well as you might have hoped. You can’t be pressured upon will into developing a personality you don’t have.

Your partner will need to understand that you are just you and that you, as yourself, are valuable. As much as a Little may dream it up, a Little does not need a Caregiver to enjoy their regression. It isn’t any easier to be little in front of a Caregiver, that’s a misconception and a part of fantasy fiction. You don’t need to become someone else just so that your partner gets something they think they want, and you really shouldn’t need to “play house” when it’s not fun for you too. Do it only when you’re wanting to do it, and your partner will need to learn to feel good with just that. They will need to stop daydreaming about you being someone else because over time this can tear you down. Couples counseling can really help with this.
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