Sharing advice on how to seek, manage, and maintain a relationship that includes CGL identities.
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I am a new little...well kinda...I did age play with my last too "daddies" but it was just...different.Anyways I have been exploring the internet making mistake and then I thought I got lucky A nice lady message me and we started talking she wanted to be my new mommy. I thought it was great i liked her it was nice but I guess she was looking for something she s talking about money and bank accounts and giving my info and I know I need to get out but I dont want to lose the first mommy I ever ha. I was so happy...and now im say...and i cry alot.......please help....

p.s I know so might judge and think i was just looking for a sugermamma but i swear I didnt want that and I just didnt know.....
Please know this site is more targeted to helping the Caregivers of the community. We encourage Littles to ask questions like this on the site more targeted for Littles:

Aside, just don’t give someone money or personal information if you don’t want to. You know it doesn’t sound right to need to do and that’s because it isn’t right. Nobody is forcing you into paying them, especially when you’re probably thousands of miles away from one another, so you should just refuse and end this nonsense. You could just block this person and they’re gone out of your life, just like that. They’re not an actual Mommy. You’re not losing anything by blocking them. They’re just a scammer preying on your nativity. Be smart and move on. She doesn’t actually care about you as a person, she just sees you as a cash cow or pay pig just like the other handful of people she’s “Mommy” to online. After all, hanging onto someone pretending to care about you for money is only going to hold you back from finding a person who really does care about you, payment unnecessary.
Thank you for your response and i didnt know about that site so i thank you for that like I said Im new to all of this I feel stupid....but she has been blocked and I am ok I will check out the little space thank for your response
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